Our digital training portal will open on our website on September 13th and you have until December 31st to complete the online training.

In-person trainings will begin on Monday, September 20th. If you plan on attending an in-person training, please register you and your employees for one of the locations below. You MUST be pre-registered to attend the in-person trainings. For questions or assistance, please email Laneigh Pfalser at lpfalser@gmail.com

Dinner meetings will begin at 5:00pm at each location with training seminars beginning at approximately 6:30pm.

This year, Ron Keeling with LP Ventures, will be reviewing the new process for how to re-certify a tank to be eligible for fit-for-service and our Arkansas Liquified Safety Board Director, Kevin Pfalser, will be presenting a few other new changes to the code that was approved by the LP Safety Board this year.