The Industry's Best-Kept Secret

No matter the size of your mower fleet, propane can transform your business by affecting the bottom line. This cleaner fuel gives you an edge in marketing to customers, while the easy refueling options keep your crew more productive.

Reduced Fuel Costs

Propane is consistently less expensive at the pump, helping you submit more competitive bids with potential customers.

Lower Labor Expenses

On-site refueling allows your crew to spend more time working and less time at the gas station. On the job, employees are more productive and satisfied using clean equipment.

Fuel Security

Propane equipment has a secure, closed-loop fuel system. This saves money by virtually eliminating costly, harmful spills, and dramatically reducing fuel theft.

More Green-Minded Customers

Promoting your choice to use cleaner fuel can help attract new business from people who care about sustainability.

Propane Products for Landscape & Turf

How to Get Started With Propane

Find a propane supplier

Enter your zip code to find a supplier in your area who serves landscape contractors. Before contacting the supplier, do a little research to confirm they have experience working with the landscape industry.

Talk to an equipment dealer

Enter your zip code to find equipment dealers near you who are confirmed sellers of propane landscape equipment. An equipment dealer can also assist with equipment conversions.

Take advantage of incentives

You can save even more on the upfront purchase of propane equipment with purchase incentives. The Propane Mower Incentive Program offers up to $1,000 for the purchase of a new propane mower, or $500 for a qualified propane mower conversion. Your state may also offer additional incentive programs.

Enter your zip code to find a propane supplier